Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Website


It’s no secret that mobile phones are completely changing the way we live our daily lives.  But they are also completely changing how businesses need to advertise and reach their customers.

95% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones, yet only 26% of businesses have a mobile website.  This is a staggering stat.  Consumers are going mobile but businesses seem to be ignoring it!

Why is that?  My answer would be that business owners don’t completely understand what a mobile website is or how it can help their business.

A mobile website is a smaller, more condensed version of your standard website that gives visitors the essential information that they need (phone number, directions, store hours, menus, etc.).  It displays that information is a easy to navigate fashion, with easy to use buttons.


When a person is search on a mobile phone they are looking to take action NOW.  You don’t need to give them the history of your business or large photos.  You want to give them the essential info in an easy to use layout.

Take a look at the differences between to 2 websites to the right.  The standard website is not designed for a small smartphone screen which makes it very hard to read, navigate and get the information needed.  Compare that to the mobile website with is perfectly sized for a smartphone screen with easy to use buttons that lead to all the most relevant information that a customer could need.

This is what a mobile website provides!

9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to an action, and over half lead to a purchase   And 70% of ALL mobile search results in an action within 1 hour!  These stats show that mobile searchers are not gathering information or doing research.  They are looking to make a purchase, so it is essential to provide them with what they need because they are HOT leads.

If you are still sitting on the fence about setting up a mobile website, then it is time to take action!  The mobile market is growing larger by the day and if you are continuing to ignore this market then you are missing out on a large amount of sales.  Regain those lost sales today.

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